The new version of the LG watch is here, and we at The Karachiite are very happy to tell our readers about it. The new LG R comes with a new and refined look on the outside but recognizable components on the inside.

The incarnation of the LG R has a more traditional circular design, making the old rectangular shapes obsolete. LG has managed to utilize the whole circular shape and instead of chopping off the bottom section, LG used this this space for rolling text alerts. The strap is leather that is both comfy and looks good (you also have the option to replace it with any standard watch strap). .

The buttons on the sides are used as a wake up switch or to turn it off (you can also hold your palm to the dial and it will go into sleep mode). The back of the watch consist of a heart rate monitor, a digital compass and a gyroscope built in. As with all the Android Wearable products the LG R will also work with any android device running Android 4.3 or above.

Now, enough with the specs and description of the new watch and let’s take a look at the advertisement video released by LG for their new product. Let us know if you want one as bad as we do…!