For watch aficionados it doesn’t get much sexier than this… The Omega Seamaster climbed up the ranks of luxury timepieces after it debuted on Sean Connery’s wrist in the 1964 James Bond classic ‘Goldfinger’. Today, the Seamaster is among the top-selling Omega watches of all time.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the classic James Bond film starring Gert Frobe and Honor Blackman, the Swiss luxury watchmaker has launched the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Goldfinger – a watch truly worthy of the world’s best-dressed super spy.

According to Uncrate, this state-of-the-art timepiece comes with a 38.5mm yellow gold casing, a matching 18-karat yellow gold bracelet with Co-Axial caliber 8501 movement, and an 18-karat yellow gold rotor and bridge. The dial and hands are also made of gold and the second hand comes with a 007 counterweight.

Omega says the limited edition timepiece boasts amazing reliability and time keeping capabilities. Agent 007 himself, has been reliably supported by Omega Seamaster wristwatches in every Bond film since ‘GoldenEye’ in 1995.

This very special timepiece sold for a record £70,000 on Wednesday, September 17th as part of an online auction that celebrated the renowned James Bond classic.  The winning bid was nearly eight times the estimated value of the watch.

This remarkable 18K gold piece of cinematic history is delivered in a special presentation box that’s design was inspired by the U.S. Bullion Depository building at Fort Knox – the same building that Auric Goldfinger planned to attack in the unforgettable spy thriller – Coincidence??

We think not..!