Well it’s about goddamn time… Suzuki is (finally) making a comeback with the all-new 2015 Vitara 4×4. First unveiled at the Paris Auto Show earlier this year, Suzuki has since confirmed the popular Japanese SUV has been green-lit for mass production. Now that Suzuki has generously leaked an image and a few details of its power train, petrolheads are ‘doing donuts’ over the new design.

The Suzuki Vitara wasn’t as popular as it should have been in Pakistan. But it appears this time around Suzuki is taking the matter very seriously, and looking to introduce the Vitara at a time when it just might resonate with Pakistani consumers. Though the Vitara is a ‘compact’ SUV, don’t let its condensed size deter you…

According to the latest reports, the 2015 model will come with either a 2.4 liter or 1.6 liter engine for the petrol and diesel versions respectively. Then there’s the well-known ALL-GRIP intelligent four wheel drive system that’s rumored to be an optional extra. Basically what it does is adjust to whatever surface you’re driving on and provide better stability, grip and sharper handling — an ideal solution for Pakistani roads.

That being said there are several online reports that suggest the ALL-GRIP four-wheel drive system will not be available in Pakistan. We’ll have to wait for the car to be officially launched before we know for sure, but considering it’s due to hit the streets sometime in 2015, let’s hope it’s worth the wait.