The best solution for overcrowded roads could only have come from China. The ‘Transit Elevated Bus‘ is the brainchild of Chinese engineers, who presented a scaled model for demonstration at the China-Beijing International High-Tech Expo earlier this week.

The design of the bus is such that it will never get stuck in traffic, instead, it will travel over the top of rows of cars on the road.

The ‘TEB’ will accommodate over a thousand passengers at a time, and will be a cross between a bus and a tram, as it will run on fixed rails embedded on the road.

Regular buses running on the roads of busy cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai, often get stuck in traffic jams that can last for hours, much to the misery of commuters.

The engineers who have designed the elevated bus think that this vehicle will increase space on the roads, as well as provide a viable mass transit system at a cost that would be lower than other public transport options.

Check out the short video above to see how it works.