Good news for Corolla-lovers… According to the latest reports, Toyota Motors in Karachi this week unveiled the new shape of the hotly-anticipated 2014 Toyota Corolla. Listed among the country’s 3-most popular cars, the Toyota Corolla has almost become an institution in Pakistan.

The new shape will see four editions introduced to market including the: Altis, Altis Grande, XLI and GLI models. The XLI and GLI models will be available in 1300cc while the Altis and Altis Grande will be available in both 1600 and 1800cc.

Prices will range from 16 to 23 lakh depending on the model and options, which for a brand-new car isn’t too shabby. The new shape also sees the headlights and front grille perfectly aligned with the Toyota logo bang in the center. From the front the new Corolla is somewhat reminiscent of Mitsubishi’s ‘Evo’ series with aggressive lines and a tight body.

Higher, longer and narrower think of the new Corolla as a cross between the current model and the Honda City Aspire. Tricked out, the new model will feature keyless entry, leather interior, an in-dash DVD player with USB input and a six-speaker surround sound system (to start). Sunroof, wooden trimming and a rear-view camera, are just some of the many additional features that will also be made available.

Bookings for the new model are scheduled to open from next week!

Proposed Pricelist (per Toyota Eastern Motors Karachi)
XLI 1300cc for Rs. 1,624,000
GLI 1300cc for Rs. 1,749,000
GLI Automatic for Rs. 1,824,000
Altis 1600cc for Rs. 1,949,000
Altis 1800cc for Rs. 2,024,000
Altis Automatic for Rs. 2,149,000
Altis Grande 1800 cc for Rs. 2,149,000
Altis Grande Automatic for Rs. 2,299,000