When all else fails, celebrities often resort to throwing temper tantrums in order to avoid awkward questions. It seems that not being able to secure a win, or even a goal for Portugal, is playing on Cristiano Ronaldo’s mind. Despite years of training about media-handling, the football star could not control a display of anger yesterday.

In Lyon, the Portugal captain was out for a stroll with teammates, when he was approached by a reporter for a comment on the team’s performance.

The swift reaction by Ronaldo caught the journalist by surprise. The superstar grabbed the microphone, snatched it from the reporter’s hand, and threw it into a nearby lake!

Ronaldo has been facing scathing criticism lately for poor performances in both matches played by Portugal in the Euro 2016 tournament, which ended in draws.

His ‘small mentality’ remark about opponents Iceland, as well as a critical penalty that he missed against Austria, both detracted from his image as a great player on and off the football pitch, and disappointed the legions of fans across the globe that hold him in such high regard.