The prospect of travelling is always an exciting one but we’re all familiar with the glitches that can turn ‘happy holidays’ into nightmarish experiences we’d rather forget. These tips from travel experts will help you to minimize the stress and make the most of your time away from home.

1. Start packing well before time. Last minute stuffing of suitcases always ends up in chaos, with useless extras in and essentials left behind. You tend to pack too many options without clearly calculating the days and list of activities on your itinerary. It’s good to begin with a list and start organizing everything you need in a suitcase, with a last-day ticking off to make sure it’s all there.

2. Check the weather at your destination. Here’s where the weather app in your smartphone comes in handy. Conde Nast Traveler suggests that if you’re travelling to a warmer place, keep a lightweight sweater or jacket for layering. Even if you don’t wear it on your holiday, you might need it in the chilly airport lounges.

3. Maximize space in your suitcase. Use the rolling up technique instead of folding; it’s a great space-saver. Fold your garments lengthwise and then roll them up tightly like a sleeping bag. Also, put heavier things, like books, jackets and jeans along the bottom, near the wheels, to create better balance.

4. Use shoes as space-savers. Before packing them in polythene bags, stuff  shoes with trinkets, medicine bottles, socks and underwear. The heaviest pair should be worn rather than packed, to cut down on the weight of your suitcase.

5. Split the packing if travelling with a partner. Suitcases do get lost sometimes, so if you’re travelling together, Business Traveller advises you to pack half-half in each suitcase instead of taking two individual ones. This way, even if one suitcase is lost, both of you will be fine till the second bag is located. Pack absolute essentials like toothbrushes, contact lenses, hairbrushes, ipads, phones and chargers etc. in your handbag rather than in check-in suitcases.