In all honesty, nobody can tell you that you can’t be an entrepreneur… Even you can’t say for sure. But one important question you can answer is, do you have the audacity to take the risk?

Every restaurant, every smartphone, even the screen you’re reading this on was once just a business idea. It sucks the life out of an ordinary individual, leaving behind just a hollow shell of who you used to be. That being said, entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. If the below sounds like you, then do yourself a favor, don’t quit the day job, yeah?

1. You’re Not a Decisive Team Leader
An idea needs to be pitched and presented WELL — Straight up! A team leader is not only responsible for carrying through a vision, but must also possess the ability to make the right decision even in the most stressful situations. If you’re among those that would rather not face any stressful situations, if you’re among those that prefers to work in the comfort of your bubble, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

2. You Run Away from Hard Work
We often hear stories of people becoming millionaires overnight, but how often do we hear the tales of their struggle? A real entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. The value of an idea is nothing. The execution, that’s everything. But hey, if you’re comfortable taking orders and not having to go the extra mile, then chill man, entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

3. You Don’t Lead, You Follow
If you’ve never broken the rules or taken any risks, then entrepreneurship is going to be a rough ride my friend. When it comes to entrepreneurship the ‘easy on the outside, tough on the inside’ type of guys are the ones who shake things up and make sh*t happen! If you talk the talk, but can’t actually walk the walk when it comes down to it, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

The good news is, you can learn… It might come at a devastating cost which turns your life upside down forever but hey, if you feel the fire inside to move mountains, nobody in this world can stop you!