Activated charcoal aka activated carbon, is the latest beauty trend with almost everyone going crazy after it for all the right reasons. From cleansing pores to whitening teeth, charcoal helps us in infinite things, hence making a place for itself in our daily lives.

Firstly, activated charcoal is a form of carbon specifically processed to have tiny pores to increase absorption of elements and engage in chemical reactions. So, it makes activated charcoal a lot more different and SAFE from the charcoal used for your barbecues. Some of the many uses of this form of carbon have been Five Things Every Man Should Know About Hair care listed down below.

Skin and Hair Care

Using charcoal on face is now the new hot trend. Charcoal has gained immense popularity among people for being a good remedy for acne issues, for cleansing pores or blackheads, and for being used as a mask.

Activated charcoal removes the acne-causing bacteria and purifies the skin, promoting healing. It also unclogs the facial pores, cleansing it from inside out.

Surprisingly, activated charcoal is a good solution for itchy or sore scalp as well. Applying it as a shampoo will help control and remove the irritating bacteria on the scalp, hence providing comfort from all the itchiness.

Charcoal lemonade/Charcoal ice cream

Well, might be a bit strange, but these are a thing too now. Apart from its appealing look and good taste; charcoal lemonades, for instance, also helps absorb toxins from the body, making it energized.


Even though the color is black, it whitens the teeth better than any other toothpastes. Activated charcoal helps in preventing tooth decay, whitening and strengthening teeth, preventing bad breath and gum disease.

Digestive Supplement

Who knew charcoal could someday help us in digesting all our over-eaten food? It not only improves digestion function, but also removes viruses and parasites from the gut, allowing the growth of good bacteria.

Water Filter/Air Purifier

Since the compound is naturally porous and absorbent; absorbing impurities, heavy metals and chlorine from water makes it an excellent water filter as well.

Its absorbent traits also helps charcoal to be counted as an amazing air purifier by removing bad odors from air and also absorbing particles like dust.

Lowers Cholesterol

According to studies, activated charcoal reduces high cholesterol as much as any prescribed medicines.

Activated charcoal is not only limited to these uses. It can also be used as an insect bite treatment by absorbing harmful bacteria and help soothe the affected area. It is also used as a deodorant, and for anti-aging, treating drug over doses, preventing hangovers. These benefits of activated charcoal has led people to incorporate the ingredient in their daily lives.