The colors, texture and fragrance aren’t the only things that make roses the most popular flower in the world; rose water is believed to be beneficial for the skin as well.

According to an article published on howstuffworks, beauty experts are using rose water as a natural ingredient to help attain great skin.

Rose water is produced through the process of steam distillation. While many beauty products nowadays contain rose water, you can use it in its pure form as a skin moisturizer, since its natural oil helps trap water in the skin.

But using rose water to moisturize skin isn’t its primary benefit. Studies have shown you can use rose water as an anti-inflammatory as well. Rose water is known to help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue, especially useful for people with sensitive skin. Those who have dry skin aren’t far behind; with rose water you can keep your skin both silky and soft.

Various studies published online reveal rose water is also used in certain types of sunscreens. Because rose water protects the elastin in the skin, it may help reduce the effects of sunburn. A study published on Web MD states that too much sun isn’t good for the skin as it can destroy fibers and cause it to lose its firmness and sag. Rose water may help decrease damage to the skin’s elastin fibers and even prevent wrinkles.

The most evident fact about rose water is its sweet and pleasant aroma. Many people prefer rose water to perfume, in addition to its rejuvenating powers.