Let’s begin with the checklist for that new apartment you’ve just moved into. ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’, the most basic necessity of living on your own is a tool kit! You don’t need to get ambitious and go for the fanciest or priciest, just get a sturdy one with all the bare essentials to maintain a home – hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, and some assorted nails — sorted.

Yes, the days when a genie called Mom magically repaired tears and replaced lost buttons are gone. You need to do these mending jobs yourself so it’s time to buy a yes, sewing kit. A basic box with threads, a needle and buttons in different colours. And before you leave to face the big bad world on your own, sit down with mama for a sewing tutorial.

A proper bed with good quality bed-linen and matching sheets and pillowcases. If you’re still sleeping on a futon, you shouldn’t have been allowed to leave your parents’ home in the first place.

A solid book collection, even if you’re not going to read a page, ever, books make the best decor; and its a sure-fire way to impress the ladies (just make sure to steer the conversation away soon after they’re notice them though).

A great-looking leather weekend bag, for those brief getaways. Pyjamas and toothbrush stuffed in a plastic shopper was only acceptable at thirteen, and backpack days ended at twenty. Time to put on the big boy pants.

Moving on – the ultimate essential for a well-dressed young man is a dark suit, charcoal, not black. Having it tailor-made should be your preference, given that the luxury of it is so accessible in our country; and a couple of fittings before final approval are a must.

Black/brown dress shoes to go with that dark suit, formal wear and khakis. Shoes are an investment that will literally keep you on your feet, so don’t pinch pennies when shopping for them. They’ll be worth the dent in your wallet. By the way, the wallet should be leather too so, anything that has velcro, toss it out. Now!

Good socks and underwear, that means matching and no holes. This is where the sewing kit comes in handy. Being perfectly dressed underneath the dress shirt and trousers makes you perfectly confident on the outside.

And to complete the suave man-about-town aura… Cologne. NOT body spray.