Influenced by Pakistani truck art Danish artist Adam Grabowski, has created a miniature Lego replica of the popular mode of transport. For quite some time now, Lego has been used to replicate miniature impressions of famous landmarks. Famous designers even include ‘Top Gear’ co-anchor James May, who once reportedly constructed an entire house out of Lego.

Pakistani truck art has become increasingly popular, particularly over the last few years transcending borders and inspiring many artists like Grabowski. The popular form of art holds a lot of sentimental value for truck owners, who can spend anywhere between $3000 and $5000 customizing their motors in accordance with their personal taste.

Truck art may include structural changes to the body, paintings, calligraphy, and ornamental decor. Most trucks also feature mirror work on both the front and back with wooden carvings on the doors.

Grabowski’s homage to Pakistani truck art titled ‘Isuzu’, is a clear reflection of the hard work and creativity that goes into the actual designs. His miniature version looks almost identical to the real thing, and makes for great living room showpieces.

Hopefully other artists can follow suit and come up with even more creative ways to showcase local Pakistani culture… We feel this is just the beginning.