It’s probably very difficult for celebrities to have a typical and standard lifestyle with all that money coming from, well, everywhere. A-list celebrities boast some of the most extravagant and luxurious homes in the world. From sunny utopia’s in Florida and Cali to mansions in Connecticut, here’s a look at the five hottest celebrity cribs.

1. Matt Damon’s Lush Pad in the Pacific Palisades
The $15 million three-story mansion is 29,000 square feet and boasts 35-foot-ceilings, 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a 5 car garage. Damon’s home is described in as having ‘an airy feeling’ with disappearing glass walls and an open floor plan.matt1There’s an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living, which is presented by an open atrium, 35-foot mahogany mounted ceilings, and a floating stairway. Other superstar features include a guest suite, spa pavilion, gym, 2 maid rooms, a koi pond, and lush-green landscaping.

2. 50 Cent’s Connecticut Mansion
The $4.1 million estate owned by the famous rapper is an amazing 50,000 square foot mansion. According to, the house even boasts a strip club, indoor nightclub, screening room and grotto.50Cent put many personal touches throughout the mansion as well. For example, he designed his formal living room with his grandmother in-mind and reportedly even refers to the room as “my grandmother’s room.”

3. DJ Avicii’s Hollywood Villa
Famous DJ Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, lives inside a property that creates an illusion of being suspended in the air. Avicii is fortunate to afford himself a comfy 2,100-square feet pad and complete with all the latest technology.avicci-2This luxurious villa also has an endless array of mirrored windows, which provide an incredible view of LA. The Most Expensive Homes describes it as a “dream home” for music producers. This could be due to the hoards of natural light, or the cinema room, or the pool, who knows? Either way, Avicii has quite the stunner!

4. Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island Castle
This $60 million home on Jupiter Island, Florida belongs to none other than Tiger Woods. Of course it comes as no surprise that Tiger would have his own golf course, a 4-green golf course actually which is reported to be immaculately maintained.tiger1A huge focus has been placed on the outside of the estate, which has a 100-foot lap pool, a 60-foot diving pool, a spa, a tennis and basketball courts. According to Business Insider, Woods built the Jupiter Island home from scratch on 12-acres and it even features its own private dock. The spacious property also has an oxygen therapy room, fitness center, a huge master suite, as well as three other bedroom suites, a media room, a basement wine cellar, and its own elevator… Just looking at it leaves me speechless.tiger2

5. John Travolta’s Fly-in Florida Home
According to Business Insider, Travolta’s house is a functional airport complete with a 27,500-foot runway for his private plane. As if that wasn’t astonishing enough, the runways lead directly to his front door so he can have access to his planes at a moment’s notice. A FREAKIN’ AIRPORT PEOPLE!!!john1He houses his planes in two large plane pavilions, which are connected to the house. The house also boasts 6 bedrooms, a large pool, a guest house, a 16-car garage, and a game room with curved window walls.