YouTube wants to take a bite out of the Spotify market by now offering their subscription-only service ‘YouTube Music Key’. According to ars technica, images leaked by Android Police earlier this week showed the new service will provide subscribers commercial-free and offline playback of YouTube content.

The images show that the content can be played back on their smartphones any way they want “with or without video, in the background, or with your screen off”. This cool new service will go where no YouTube app has gone before. ‘YouTube Mix’ will operate in the same way as radio stations on similar streaming apps.

By subscribing to this service, one gains access to a staggering 20-million-song collection, which ars technica claim is close to what Spotify and Rdio provide. Another exclusive will be ‘concerts, covers and remixes’. A bonus feature will be a ‘Google Play Music Key’ subscription which ars technica liken to a “rebranded Google Play Music All Access”.

Google has been working on the service for well over a year but have faced several launch delays. Recent reports suggest that Google will disallow music labels from their YouTube monetization program if the artist’s content is not obtainable via both “free and premium tiers of YouTube”.

No launch date has yet been announced but the price for the service will most likely be $9.99 a month (according to the leaked images). Many users feel that videos hosted on YouTube can be downloaded on computers via software and browser extensions already, which makes this new “premium service” somewhat, useless…