That Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has been named Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ is something which makes absolute sense. Progress in today’s world runs on two things, economics and humanitarian concern; Merkel has scored big on both fronts.

The European debt crisis proved her to be the ‘man of the moment’, stepping in to lead the beleaguered union from the front, taking tough decisions where needed, putting Europe back on track.

The Syrian refugee crisis also saw Merkel at her best. The German ‘Iron Lady’ proved to be certainly more compassionate than her British counterpart Margaret Thatcher. She stepped forward at a time when most European leaders were humming and hawing, looking for ways to shirk their responsibility regarding the flood of homeless people fleeing in search of safety. Without worrying about losing political standing, Merkel opened Germany’s borders to migrants, many of whom will remember her generosity for generations to come.

Because of her exceptional leadership qualities, her intrinsic humanism and her strength of character, the ‘Queen of Europe’ stands tall amongst leaders who seem to be lacking in both economic sense and compassion.