Bollywood starlet Deepika Padukone’s date night with World No 1. tennis champion Novak Djokovic created quite the stir.

British tabloid the Daily Mail, which first reported their evening out failed to identify her, referring to her only as a ‘leggy brunette’. But after being heavily trolled on social media by Deepika fans across the globe, the world’s most visited English-language newspaper website quickly upped their game.

Within hours the site was updated and the article identified her as Deepika Padukone, ‘one of Bollywood’s highest paid stars’. Yesterday’s faux pas was quite a big one for the British tabloid which also publishes the Mail Online India, a sister site to the Daily Mail.

Such was the blow-back from Bollywood fans that the updated article shifted the focus from Djokovic to Deepika entirely.

The English daily reported, “The world number one tennis player appeared to have had a great night as he was pictured exiting the bar – popular among LA’s A-lister set – in the dark hours of the evening with Bollywood star Deepika Padukone. Novak flashed the paps a cheeky grin before joining pal Deepika in the back seat of a car. While he kept it casual, she appeared to have made more of an effort in sartorial terms, favouring a timeless monochrome colour theme. The actress slipped her towering figure into a flirty frock which was decorated with a statement floral print and skimmed her knees. Deepika teamed her smart one-piece with a black tailored cape-coat and a pair of towering stiletto sandals which further heightened her willowy frame. Deepika is one of the biggest Bollywood stars of her generation, and is reportedly one of the highest-paid Indian stars of the moment.”