Hold on to you’re a***s ladies and gentleman it would appear The Rock is at it again.

According to Sportico, a consortium comprising of the actor and producer, his ex-wife and business partner Dany Garcia, and private investment firm RedBird Capital has purchased the pro American football league for $15 million.

Founded in 2018 by Vince McMahon, the infamous Chairman and CEO of WWE, the XFL got off to a promising start before the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to shut down early.

Following a draft in October of 2019, the league kicked off in February with eight teams debuting to strong ratings, and attracting between one and two million viewers a week. It made it through five games before announcing in March, that the rest of the season would be cancelled due to Coronavirus and a month later, the league filed for bankruptcy.

According to the report, the $15 million price tag will be split evenly between Johnson, Garcia, and RedBird Capital owned by Gerry Cardinale. The private investment firm also recently purchased French football club Toulouse.

It’ll be interesting to see what Johnson has in mind for the future of XFL. Still hot off the success of his Teremana tequila brand, the astute businessman has amassed a staggering fortune, reported to be in the region of $320 million. Suffice it to say right now, The Rock is the XFL’s only draw. But if the league is to be a success under his administration then one day, he’ll fade to the background.

Image credit: narcity.com