Murree Brewery is often overlooked for its business prowess and contributions to our domestic economy, as well as being an ambassador of sorts for our nation. Murree is not allowed to advertise its alcoholic beverages (its biggest sellers) under prohibition laws or sell to the Muslim population, yet it remains one of Pakistan’s largest companies (ironic?) and one of Asia’s first modern breweries.

If you live in Karachi, chances are you’ve been exposed to a Murree product in one way or another. Perhaps you’ve seen one of the many ‘wine-shops’ while driving around the city, or maybe you or your friends partake in drinking their refreshing beverages. For years now, Murree has been tantalizing Pakistani taste buds with their ice-cold, bittersweet lagers and ‘smooth’ spirits. Recently, Murree expanded their product portfolio to include non-alcoholic drinks such as flavored malts and juices.

In an interview with Vice, special assistant to the Chief Executive, Sabih Ur Rehman said, “Our products are meant for the non-Muslim Pakistanis and we follow the law of the land by the book. We [follow] the laid down legal channels to sell it.” Speaking to The Guardian, Rehman did admit that “…many of the other 97 percent [of the Muslim population] also drink.”

Even America has had a taste of our beloved Murree. Two years ago, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s underage daughter Scout was caught with a can of Murree’s finest in New York City. American tabloids and media propelled the brewery into the limelight, giving them some much needed free publicity. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how Scout Willis got her hands on the beer.

Shortly after, Murree announced plans to officially expand into the American, Chinese, and Indian markets. They even managed to score a place on Forbes’ “Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion” list.

Murree has already established a flagship office in Manhattan, NY. Located in a Park Avenue building, the Murree Brewery USA initiative will incorporate a 30-barrel brewhouse system, producing 6,000 barrels a year.

If you do happen to find yourself in New York and are yearning for a taste of home fear not, Murree Brewery will soon be there to quench your thirst!