The Global Tiger Forum has just announced that for the first time in a hundred years, the world’s wild tiger population has shown an increase instead of decline.

For Leonardo DiCaprio (and all other conservationists) who feel this magnificent beast is ‘a thing of beauty indeed’, this is great news. The tigers of the world have learnt how to adapt to changing habitat and survive; in the ‘jungle’ of the modern world, we could learn a thing or two from them.

1. Let your voice be heard. If you have something worthwhile to say, no point in being a shrinking violet. A tiger’s roar in the wild can be heard as far as nearly two miles away. So make sure everyone sits up and listens by coming across loud and clear.

2. Flaunt your style. Don’t get brainwashed into ‘conforming’. Wildlife experts say every tiger has a unique pattern of stripes, and no two are alike! Like the tiger, you too are Nature’s special creation, so be true to yourself.

3. Don’t let problems drown you, start swimming. Tigers are among the best swimmers in the animal kingdom. They can swim for hours without getting exhausted, negotiating their way through lakes and rivers to get to their prey. So when you feel overwhelmed, start negotiating by diving in and finding your way through instead of sinking down.

4. Mark out your space. You are entitled to your privacy and have every right to set boundaries on how people can behave with you, so don’t let anyone encroach without your permission. Tigers sometimes claim more than 200 square miles of territory. We’re recommending a little less, but balancing your personal, professional, and social life is important.

5. Catch up on the Zzzzz’s. Tigers can sleep for up to 16 hours-a-day (no joke). Again we recommend your snooze be shorter, but it’s just as important for your ‘hunting prowess’ to be optimized.