This summer, it might be a good idea to get away from the usual, crowded, touristy places and actually take ‘the road less traveled’.

The ‘other’ half of the European continent is no way lacking in beauty, culture and diversity as its Western sister, and an Eastern European holiday may also be easier on your wallet. Consider these great spots for a fun-filled vacation.

1. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Going through its worst years in the 1990’s, Sarajevo was almost destroyed, but like a phoenix it has since risen from the ashes. Today, it’s a vibrant city with an ambiance that makes it an ideal holiday destination, with its cafe-culture, scenic beauty and friendly people.

2. Mijet Island, Croatia. Easy to reach by ferry from Dubrovnik, Mijet is a gem tucked away among the Adriatic islands covered with forests, fields, vineyards and tiny villages right out of a postcard. You can spend your days boating, hiking, cycling or just lazing around on this heavenly island.

3. Tallinn, Estonia. A rich mix of ancient and modern, Tallinn will enthrall you. Sun-filled town squares, friendly sidewalk cafes, ancient churches, modern skyscrapers, biking paths leading to beaches, it’s everything a summer adventure should be made of.

4. Riga, Belarus. If you’re an art-nouveau enthusiast, Riga is where you should head this summer. It’s the art-nouveau capital of the world, with gargoyles and goddesses flanking the buildings along stately boulevards; discotheques and cafes line the winding lanes of the old town, which looks like a fairytale kingdom at sunset.

5. Minsk, Belarus. The capital of Belarus is a modern metropolis where art galleries, museums, theatres and fashionable cafes and nightclubs abound, making it a truly happening place, with never a dull moment.