Remember Narcissus? The hero in Greek legend fell in love with his own reflection in a pond and pined away to death beside the water because he couldn’t bear to pull himself away. The real lesson in this myth is that excessive self-love is self-destructive, so don’t fall into behavior patterns that lead that way.

1. Narcissists think they know everything. And they make it clear that you should think so too. They’ll try to correct doctors on medical information, teach lawyers about the legal system, and so on. You’ll always see them putting other people down with their ‘expert’ knowledge.

2. They insist that rules don’t apply to them. They’ll always claim to be the exception as far as laws and rules of social behavior are concerned. These, they imply, are for ordinary mortals, not them, because they are, in some way superior to others.

3. They believe everyone idolizes them. And if someone doesn’t have a favorable opinion of them, then it has to be put down to jealousy. Instead of learning from criticism, they dismiss it as not worthy of consideration.

4. They put their own interests first. Narcissists often focus wholly on themselves, they hardly care about the feelings and interests of other people. They lack the empathy and compassion which is the essence of moral behavior.

5. They love projecting a great image. Whether it’s flaunting wealth, popularity or personality, they want the spotlight on themselves at all times. You’ll often find them dropping names to project how well-connected they are to impress others.