So far, Novak Djokovic has had a grand year, and it seems he’s going to finish it on a high note. After winning the Shanghai Open on Sunday, he became the first tennis pro to cross the $16 million mark in one seasons earnings, $16,04,009 to be exact, according to the ATP World Tour; and there are still 7 ATP tournaments to go, including next month’s Paris Masters and The World Tour Finals in London.

The previous prize money record in a season was pocketed by Spanish ace Rafael Nadal, who has not had a too great a year in 2015. In 2013, Nadal’s prize winnings in cash were $14.5 million.

Djokovic is on an unbeatable winning streak at the moment. The Shanghai Open was his 17th victory in a row and also marked 22 consecutive set won. He already has three Grand Slams under his belt and the last match was his 57th career singles title. It took him just 78 minutes to defeat opponent Jo-Wilfred Tsonga 6-2, 6-4 and lift up the trophy in what looked like absolute smooth sailing.

The secret of the 28-year-old Serb’s extraordinary achievements may lie in his intense training regime, as well as the gluten-free diet he fastidiously adheres to. He gives credit to the right balance of the sport with his family life as being key to his success. His support system also includes his German coach, former champion Boris Becker, with whom, Djokovic says, he makes ‘ a great team’.

The champion says what excites and motivates him now is to level and out-do Roger Federer’s 17 Grand Slam wins. Having defeated Federer at Wimbledon and the US Open finals this year, it may be a dream not too far from coming true.