It looks like Rafael Nadal fans have a long wait ahead before they see their favorite player in action on the tennis courts again.

The wrist injury that made him drop out of the French Open in May, has dealt another blow to the dejected former World No. 1. The 14-time Grand Slam champion announced yesterday that he will not be participating in the Wimbledon tournament this summer.

Nadal has been suffering from a long list of injuries in recent times – including knee, shoulder, and back problems – which have affected his performance negatively. Doctors have warned that if Nadal continues to play right now, there’s great risk of a fracture in his left wrist, so he practically has no choice but to withdraw from the most-awaited event on the tennis calendar.

In the years 2008 and 2010, Nadal lifted the Wimbledon trophy, but in the past four years, he could not get past the fourth round. With this latest setback, it’s clear that the Spaniard’s spell of bad luck has yet to be broken.