The Magic Kingdom it seems, has not lost its charm, and is visited by more people than any other amusement park on the planet.

According to a new report by Themed Entertainment Association, over 235 million tourists flocked to theme parks last year, and most of them were attracted by the continuing magic of Disney.

The index ranked 25 of the most-visited parks in the world, based on attendance figures, and found that the Disney franchise is still at the top of its game.

Disney theme parks are so popular in fact, that they totally dominate the list, holding seven of the top ten positions of parks in the list. The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida was at the No. 1 spot, with other Disney parks in the US, Europe and Asia also featuring in the Top 10.

Universal Studios managed to earn two slots in the top ten list, while Sea World bagged a spot in the Top 25.

Other parks that are most popular among tourists, if you’ve outgrown Mickey Mouse and Co., are the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Europa Park in Rust, Germany and Hong Kong’s Ocean Park.