While the secret for immortality still evades us, researchers have come up with a list of things that certainly add years to our lives. As with all good things, these have to become part of our lifestyle in order to really take effect, but you can start with the first step to longevity right away.

Get a Sense of Purpose
Stop being a drifter and focus on specific goals that you want to achieve in your day and your life. Being clear about what you want to do and following up on the objectives you set give life meaning. In leisure time, find hobbies and activities that stimulate your mind and heart. Being focused reduces your chances of getting stress-related illnesses like high blood pressure and cardiac problems.

Go For a Mediterranean Diet
According to research, it’s the best food pattern. Light on spices and based on wholegrains, fruit and vegetables, fish and olive oil, it’s the healthiest way to eat, keeping obesity, heart disease and diabetes away.

Take that Siesta
There is scientific evidence to prove that napping increases chances of longevity. A NASA study showed that pilots who were allowed to sleep for half an hour during duty hours showed a 34% increase in efficiency. The Spanish Society of Physicians, SEMERGEN, advises that an afternoon nap is very beneficial for overall health. However, the nap must become part of your daily routine in order to have a long-term positive impact.

Tie the Knot
A recent study by Ohio State University affirms that marriage gives people social, economic and emotional support which makes them live longer and lead more productive lives. Even people who were divorced or had lost a partner to death had a better chance of living longer than those who had never married.

Listen to your Spiritual Self
Studies indicate that those of us who have stronger religious or spiritual faith tend to have longer lives too. Introspection and meditation distance us from daily stress and encourage positive chemical reactions in the brain, leading to improved immunity and recovery from illness.

Learn to Forgive
The best time to let go is now. Holding grudges and nursing old wounds is literally toxic for your brain and your body. We are all human and make mistakes, forgiving others and forgiving yourself is absolutely necessary in order to move on and get the best out of the rest of your life.