Acing exams and interviews, according to new research, is not all about cramming facts and figures. Nutritionists say that when you’re going through a critical mentally-challenging period like exams or a round of interviews, what you eat could give you a great advantage.

Try out some of these ‘smart foods’ and make them lifestyle choices if you want the smartness to become permanent instead of temporary.

1. Green Tea. Though you hear a lot about coffee boosting alertness, the short-lived effect it has fails to impress experts. They recommend you switch to green tea instead, which they say will sharpen your focus for a longer period of time.

2. Eggs. Eating protein before tackling a mentally-challenging task has proven to be a smart move backed by scientific research. Scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast (*never skip breakfast the experts insist) will give you better concentration.

3. Oatmeal. There’s good reason why oatmeal porridge has been for generations, the most popular food across the planet to begin the day with. It’s loaded with fibre and Vitamin B12 and the carbs in it take longer to digest, so you can be at ease that your growling tummy is not going to cause major embarrassment.

4. Fish. That fish is ‘brain food’ is common knowledge, even if people aren’t sure why this is so. The reason is the high Omega-3 content in fish, which enhances memory and learning abilities. If you’re going through a phase in life where you need to be sharper than usual, include fish in your meals to give you that extra mental boost.