Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi, who created installations last year for The Secret Garden Party festival and a metal-wire archway for Milan Fashion Week, has come up with another marvel that tourists will enjoy.

Tresoldi is known for working with metal-wire mesh to create fascinating sculptures. His latest masterpiece is a phantom-like reconstruction of a basilica that stood at the site of the Santa Maria Maggiore di Siponto church in Puglia, Italy.

The basilica made by Tresoldi will be a permanent installation, as part of a new archaeological park beside the church, which has opened recently.

The ghostly structure, made of transparent metal wires, took Tresoldi three months to complete, at a cost of 3.5 million euros. It’s a life-size replica of the actual, ancient basilica that was destroyed centuries ago. It even has metal-wire versions of the statues and sculptures that stood inside the original building.

Italy’s historic towns draw millions of tourists every year, especially in the summer months, and Tresoldi’s ghost church is expected to generate a lot of attention and income for the town of Puglia.

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