Classical music has a tendency to evoke emotional sensations differently when compared to contemporary music. The genre has its own niche following. There are few who appreciate this kind of ‘high’ that induces a feeling of nostalgia as you immerse yourself deeper and deeper into music of the past.

Yousuf Kerai hails from Karachi, Pakistan, and is a classical ‘tabla’ maestro, who also holds a degree in teaching Mathematics. He taught for many years in the United States, and has even lectured at numerous universities on the topic of Mathematical History.

Kerai’s fostering love for the classics encouraged him to master the ‘tabla’ at the tender age of just eight. Under the supervision of classical music veterans, he also learned to play the harmonium. After spending many years in the US, Kerai realized the significance and the appeal of classical music, and how it could attract and unite classical music aficionados the world over.

Kerai went forward to train classical musicians from around Pakistan, each a master of his own domain, and formed a creative collective known today as the Tarz Group.

Over the past four years, the Tarz Group has featured in seven orchestral performances. While their popularity continues to grow exponentially in a not so popular genre, the Tarz Group provides a globally appealing alternative to traditional classical performances.

In addition to reviving the classical scene through the formation of the collective, Kerai is also credited with giving lectures at the Aga Khan University and the Textile Institute of Pakistan.