Earlier this week McLaren dropped a bombshell on the motoring market. After several teaser concepts and development prototypes since last year the McLaren P1 GTR is finally here, and this is as good as it gets!

The new P1 GTR comes with a massive price tag that has quite a lot of digits on it, precisely seven, yes; the McLaren is for somewhere around $3 Million… but let’s not wallow in how we can’t afford it and focus on why we may not be able to drive it even if we somehow owned one.


The new and improved GTR is fitted with the extensive aero-pack that generates 660 kg of downforce at 150 mph (10% more than the P1). The refined and tweaked 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 and the electric motors are now producing a total of 986 bhp which is 83 bhp more than the, ahem, standard P1.

The P1 GTR is exclusive to the track only, which means it can only be bought by a select few buyers. Which doesn’t mean that only people who can drop that kind of bank will buy it, but according to reports the McLaren’s Special Operation Unit will be in charge of the maintenance and running of the cars. They will offer an extensive training program to “help each driver mentally and physically to fully exploit the abilities of the P1 GTR” which also means “learn how not to die in the new McLaren”. Point being, you go through a whole training program just to be able to drive it on a track…


So far, this is all the information about the production model that will make its official debut at the Geneva Auto Show early next month. We at The Karachiite are very excited to see the launch and will do everything we can to keep all the McLaren fans updated. Oh and our condolences for Bugatti fans… Shi*t happens!