It is no secret that Prince Charles is an accomplished painter specializing in watercolors. One of his works of art was recently valued at close to $38,000. According to Arabian Business, this was the price an Arab Sheikh shelled out for a painting by the heir to the British throne.

The lithograph has been personally signed by Prince Charles which actually is a recreation of the terrace in his Highgrove home in England. This painting was bought for a humble cause as it is a gift for the charity ‘Kids For Kids’.

According to the Daily Mail, the painting was originally purchased by businessan Andrew Mead at a celebrity auction two years ago for £7500 ($11,371). Then it made its way to the hands of the anonymous sheikh in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia for £25,000 ($37,905) with the proceeds being gifted to the children’s charity by Mead.

The funds raised via the painting will be greatly beneficial in building a new kindergarten institution in Western Darfour, Sudan. The chief of ‘Kids for Kids’ charity was quoted saying, “It is incredible to think that this new school has come from the proceeds of a single work by the Prince.”

Prince Charles, thanks to Andrew Mead and a certain Arab Sheikh, has certainly charmed us and the children beneficiaries with his work. And we thought this only happens in fairy tales! It could also be possible he is taking inspiration from his late wife Diana who was regularly involved in charitable causes all around the world.