What happens when you put two Formula One drivers in battery-powered Renault Twizy cars in a nearly empty mall in Dubai? You get one helluva good time! The drivers, Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado both race for the Lotus F1 Team that actually employs the use of a Renault engine.

In this YouTube video by Renault Middle East, we see these two awesome dudes having a ball racing all over the mall. You can just picture Bryan O’Connor and Dominic Toretto (from ‘Fast and Furious’) behind the wheel driving what they called ‘six second cars’!

Well the Twizy is a quadricycle according to Wired. It looks more like a golf cart but since it is powered by a 13-kilowatt electric motor engine, these rides can go easily up to 50mph. even though it is all in the name of good fun; the competitive spirit between the two racers is still there. These cars may be small, but they pack plenty of punch when you hit the gas.

The video shows some exciting mall landmarks such as the real dinosaur skeleton known to be 150 million years old. McDonaldo tries to beat his rival by taking his Twizy down an elevator, and both are seen later entering the mall aquarium which itself is a splendid sight to see.

For two minutes of your entire day, you can do no wrong than seeing this fun video and share with your friends. We can only imagine what would happen if our locals try to compete with rickshaws in the Karachi Dolmen City Mall!