If there’s one thing the internet can’t get enough of, besides cute dogs, its cute babies!

This sensational video of a seven-month-old performing South Korean rapper Psy’s signature moves to his global smash-hit Gangnam Style has given the term ‘viral’ a whole new meaning. With over a million views in less than a week, the 45-second clip shows the baby jubilantly laughing and dancing along to the hit single.

Viewers’ are LOVING the short film, which appears to have been shot on a camera phone. Many have already taken to Twitter and other social media sites hailing it as the ‘best video ever!’

Psy’s Gangnam Style became the first video to get over one billion views on YouTube making it not only the most viewed, but also the most liked video in the history of the site. The hit single has made the 35-year-old artist a global celebrity and saw tourism in South Korea increase by 13 percent in 2012, with visitors to Seoul even going on special ‘Gangnam’ tours.