Remember the late 1980s MTV? That was the time when arena rock and pop metal ruled the airwaves. In came Guns N’Roses and changed the landscape. They fused hard rock with a bit of punk and unleashed the album ‘Appetite for Destruction’ in 1987. The dynamic duo of Axl Rose on vocals and Slash on lead guitar became musical icons. One of the biggest hits from their debut album was ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. The memorable intro and Rose’s amazing voice made music history. This is one of their most copied songs and anyone who wants to impress their friends on lead guitar should learn this song.

Today, the band does not exist in its original form with Axl Rose carrying the name forward. If there was a chance for Slash to find another Axl Rose today, he should look no further than Pakistan. According to SoundCloud, a local band by the name of Viper’s Choice covered ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ with some ethnic flavor and it sounds almost as good as the original. In fact, lead vocalist Altamush Sever sings it with so much passion you can easily mistake him for a younger Axl Rose. The guitarwork, raags and ethnic percussion give the song a new flavor.

The best part of the cover is that it stays true to the spirit of the original with some ‘desi’ flavor. The song was featured on the second season of Nescafe Basement and has since then become very popular. While there plenty of decent covers of the GNR classic available including one by Sheryl Crow, this one may just be the best cover of a GNR song, especially by a Pakistani artist.