Three teenagers from Russia recently visited Hong Kong. Normally when you visit a new city you tend to take pictures of all the sights worth remembering, pictures of your friends touring around the city or at parties. Well, these three kids had other ideas of how to make their trip memorable and possibly take the most breathtaking pictures of Hong Kong from the top of a Skyscraper.

This video gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to be 360 meters in air which is 1 181.10236 feet. The dramatic and nerve-shredding video of the three kids dangling off a skyscraper completely unfazed and rather casually will blow your mind.

According to reports, one Alexander Remnov, 19, said, “There was one dangerous moment when we tried to get the top of The Centre tower, it became too crowded at the top and there wasn’t enough room for three of us so we decided to go back down. We were lucky not to meet any police, but we did have some discussions with guards.”

I guess we’re not the only crazy ones in the world after all…