No, this isn’t a sequel to the blockbuster film starring Sacha Baron Cohen. This is a short produced by ‘Incahoots Films’ in collaboration with Pakistani rapper Adil Omar, famous for his #KholoBC initiative to unban YouTube in Pakistan.

‘Hide My Ass!’ a VPN-service based in London, released the film to celebrate their offering of IP addresses in 100 countries as part of their goal towards worldwide internet freedom. In an email sent out to all VPN users they state, “To celebrate, we’re sharing our exciting new film, which reflects our feelings on internet censorship, and shows why we’re committed to providing the best solution to the problem. We worked with Incahoots Films and Adil Omar, who attracted international attention for their #KholoBC initiative challenging the YouTube ban in Pakistan. This short film exposes the true futility of online censorship.”

Putting a comedic spin on the idea of internet censorship, we hope this film will urge supporters of censorship (not the mention oppressive governments) to see the frivolity of limiting access to certain sites not just in Pakistan, but in many other countries around the world facing the same problem.