In part two of BuzzFeed’s hilarious webisode series, “International Soda Taste Test”, six employees sample different soft drinks from around the world. Wonderfully enough, Pakola is one of the international sodas featured in this episode. Pakola is a soft drink that is very dear to Pakistani population – a symbol of national pride. The color of the drink speaks for itself, garnering quotes from the taste-testers such as “It’s like a Martian drink!” and “This looks like something that would turn me into a superhero”.

Either way, it seems to hit the right note with every tester and proves that Pakola’s an interesting and tasty drink that comes from an interesting and tasty country. Want proof? Watch the video and see for yourself…

Pakola was launched on 14th August, 1950 (Independence Day) as Pakistan’s first national branded drink. The product was the brainchild of entrepreneur and philanthropist Haji Ali Mohammad. Aside from the iconic green ice-cream soda, Pakola is also available in raspberry, lychee, orange, and lime flavors. Recently, there was a scare as the government introduced a capacity tax: tax levied on the overall production capacity of the machinery instead of on actual output. Pakola has discontinued the production and distribution of all glass-bottled products. Consumers assumed the end of Pakola for good.

The company then went on to change its production strategy, only producing cans, plastic bottles and tetra-paks containing milk of all its flavors. We hope this brings other Pakistani products into the international limelight – thereby increasing local competition and quality.