Imagine if you had a genie that would always be at your beck and call. A genie may not exist today but we do have ‘Magic’. It is a cool new way of getting things done for you for a price. According to Newser, Mike Chen invented a way for people to get whatever they want done automatically. For example, you want a pizza. Instead of dialing different pizzerias in town, you simply call the ‘Magic’ number and live operators will chat with you for free.

First they take all your information and then the process is entirely automated. After confirming your request and quoting a price, they start working on your demands. You would be paying the same price elsewhere, but for a small surcharge these ‘magicians’ do all the work for you to make your life easy.

The official website states that anything legal from airline tickets to flowers for your girlfriend, his team will gladly do the job. This service is only available in the US but nonetheless it is still is an interesting concept that can also work in Pakistan.

Chen was quoted by Mashable saying, “This is something that I’ve always wanted to create to make my life easier.” His team has reportedly received 18,000 requests and counting. Chen was actually developing a blood pressure tracking app known as Bettir and ended up with Magic. “Twitter came out of another company that was doing something completely different. Same with Instagram. This kind of thing happens”, he said.