The latest product to be launched by Ufone, the UWatch may bring peace of mind to many angst-ridden adults across Pakistan.

Its prime objective being to keep kids connected with parents when they are not with them, the watch transmits the real-time location of the wearer, as well as having a two-way voice calling function, enabling the parent and child to dial each other’s mobile number.

The UWatch App will firmly put the parent in control, from allowing live monitoring to the ability to set up safe zones, with features like real-time tracking, geo-fence, fast-dial SOS, safe-list calling, tracking list playback and remote turn-on, turn-off function. The water-resistant watch has a battery time of up to two days.

The UWatch can be activated as soon as the buyer goes through the SIM biometric verification process and the package comes with an Android App. Ufone help centres are equipped to guide buyers in setting up the watch.

Reasonably priced at Rs. 6,999 with annual charges of Rs. 3,000 per year, the UWatch is available at Ufone service centres in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Given the constant stress parents in our country go through about the safety of their children, the UWatch may be the best New Year gift they could have asked for. The next step is to get the kids to keep the watch strapped on. Given the trendy blue, pink and black models shown at the launch, it shouldn’t be too difficult a task, teenegers permitting!