So you got yourself a brand spankin’ new Apple Watch and wondering which apps to install? We have the solution for you. As reported by High Snobeity, we provide you with a list of ten most useful apps for your new wearable computer.


KITT, for those who don’t know, stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. This is the acronym of the famous modified Trans-Am that gave bad guys a run for their money in the popular 1980s show Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff. Ironically, his character Michael Knight was one of the first to sport a smartwatch at least on television. It was known as the com-link and for those longing to step in his shoes should definitely get this app.  KITT was the car’s intelligent CPU that could even be considered the godfather of Siri. KITT is now at your service to help you with whatever you need. So what are you waiting for? Turbo Boost now!

Nike+ Running

The best running app now comes to the Apple Watch. Similar to the phone version, you get information regarding distance, pace and duration on your Watch screen. It even syncs with Bluetooth headphone so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while on the track.

7 Minute Workout

Our lives have become busier than ever in the 21st century. It gets difficult to take out time for rest, recreation and a fulfilling workout. Thanks to this nifty new app, 7 minute workout, you can take out time on the busiest of days for a healthy workout. 12 different exercises 30 seconds each should be easy for anyone. There is even a 10-second rest period between each exercise. Now we don’t need any excuse to not flex some muscles!


Now you don’t need to take out your phone everytime to use Shazam- the popular music information app. The Apple Watch version will simply display the song and artist by just a tap. Lyrics are also handy so you can hum along your song whether you are at a café or a bar.


Stalking your friends’ latest snaps doesn’t get easier than Instagram on the Watch. You get all the favorite features such as feed browsing, photo likes and notifications.


In certain countries, it may be difficult to speak in English as it is not so commonly spoken there. If you are stuck in anywhere on the globe such as Munich, Frankfurt, Rome or Paris and you don’t know where to go for a nice meal or the nearest shopping plaza, then Babbel is your best friend. It helps you with basic conversation phrases so communication is not as cumbersome.


The popular taxi facilitating app is now on the Apple Watch. Now with the ease of your watch you can get a cab in no time at all.


OpenTable keeps you connected with dinner reservations with simplicity and ease. It features reminders, directions and even a countdown clock to make sure you are at your reservation on time.


If you are health-conscious and want to keep tabs on your diet, then Lifesum makes it easy for you. It provides suggestions on healthy diet and the right portions so you don’t eat more than you should. It monitors your food and liquid intake and motivates you to stay healthy.


Yelp is a very popular website that gives you information on restaurants and cafes with customer reviews and directions. Now it’s on your Apple Watch and perfect when you’re on the move. Seriously, who uses maps anymore!