The console wars have been raging since the days of the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. Lines were drawn… Friends were divided… Allegiances were forged… But gamers will always be divided. Those with enough money, or rich parents, will be able to live a life of luxury. They will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Gamers who have limited funds will spend their money wisely. It all depends on what you want!

The PlayStation boasts some serious exclusives like ‘Last of Us’ and ‘Gran Turismo’. Then again so does the Xbox with titles like ‘Dead Rising 3’, all the ‘Halo’s’, ‘Killer Instinct’, ‘Forza’ and ‘Sunset Overdrive’. The PS4 has been beating the Xbox One in sales though the Xbox seems to be catching up. During the post-Thanksgiving sales madness that is Black Friday, the Xbox actually managed to outsell the PlayStation.

In terms of multi-player matchmaking Xbox servers always outshine the PlayStation. Remember the last time Xbox Live got hacked? That’s because it’s never happened! Aside from online issues the PlayStation is built for hardcore gamers. It has better graphics and a full 1080p HDMI output but not all games are released at full HDMI quality. Plenty of games are coming to both systems so no matter which one you own, you will find something that tickles your fancy.

The camera on the Xbox is included in the Kinect package, boasting features like voice control, facial recognition and the ability to control the menu by waving your hands. The PlayStation camera is less impressive and you have to purchase it separately. Microsoft’s console is also the only one that can use Skype. But where the Xbox truly shines is in its ability to be a one-stop media center for you and the family. The Xbox has television integration which lets you connect your TV to the console (via an HDMI cable), and lets you control what you watch with the Kinect. You can incorporate live television through your satellite or cable provider right into the Xbox One’s menu system. The One Guide displays both live television and what content is available through online services such as Netflix.

All in all both consoles are fantastic gaming machines. Hardcore gamers will be swayed towards the PS4 for its ability to deliver stunning games and a very sleek controller. Gamers who like to use their console as a media center would be more inclined to purchase the Xbox for its ability to seamlessly multi-task between playing your favorite game, browsing the internet and watching TV.

You don’t even need the Kinect to enjoy the Xbox but it does add a certain futuristic quality to the living room. As always, the largest determining factor should be the games you enjoy playing, and which console will have them first… and in some cases, forever!