Despite the limited launch line-up, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been in the market for nearly six months now. We’ve seen some great titles for the next generation games console.

So for those who plan to purchase a PS4 or that are lucky enough to already own one, the following titles are a simply must-have in your collection. All the games mentioned below take advantage of the console’s supremely-powerful processor and full 1080p graphics.

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag

Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag takes the ship battles from Assassins Creed 3 to a whole new level. You take control of the pirate Edward Kenway, who was the grandfather of Connor from AC3.

AC4 also allows you to live, loot and plunder like a pirate. The combat system is much more refined from previous games and piloting a pirate ship while taking over enemy ships is a blast.

On the PS4, Assassins Creed 4 is simply sublime. There is no frame rate dip; and the visuals in 1080p never looked so good. If you already own a PS4 you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by picking-up this game.


The beautiful game arrives in full 1080p splendor. If there’s one football game that can make you really feel like Lionel Messi its FIFA ‘14.

EA Sports reinvented FIFA with a brand new ‘Ignite’ engine for the PS4. Spectators look hyper-realistic and the top-down stadium views are to die for.

New cross platform features like ‘Teammate Intelligence’, ‘Protect the Ball’, ‘Pure Shot’ and ‘Precision Movement’ are more refined with the Ignite engine because players actually react to situations just like in real life.

If you are a fan of previous FIFA games and football, then FIFA 14 on the PS4 is the game for you!

Battlefield 4

First- person shooter fans have a plethora of choices on the PS4. Games like ‘Killzone Shadowfall’ and ‘Call of Duty Ghosts’ are all excellent titles but if you have to pick just one for the PS4 then ‘Battlefield 4’ has to be the one.

Single Player campaign is lots of fun, especially with the excellent array of weapons and vehicles you command during different missions. The ‘engage’ feature allows you to send your teammates to attack particular targets.

Multiplayer is also an improvement from previous games with intense team battles, ‘Commander Mode’ and lots of explosions.

Need for Speed Rivals

NFS Rivals continues Electronic Arts long-running racing series and is an amazing launch title. ‘Rivals’ is a spiritual successor to 2010’s ‘Hot Pursuit’ that pits racers against cops. You get to play as both Racer and Cop in separate modes with different career progressions.

The racing is intense, the cars look beautiful and you are guaranteed an awesome time, whether you’re running away from the cops or chasing after fugitives. Like ‘Hot Pursuit’, you get different weapons to use as both Racer and Cop, like turbo, shockwave attacks and EMP.

As it’s the only racing title on the PS4 now, it’s worth getting if you don’t already have it on the PS3.

Infamous Second Son

Sony’s exclusive for the PS4 – Infamous Second Son is finally out. A follow-up to smash hits, ‘Infamous’ and ‘Infamous 2’, the game introduces a new character with smoke-based powers.

The visuals and game-play are enhanced for the PS4. As a third person action game, you take on the role of Delsin Rowe, a man with superhuman abilities to leap tall buildings and smoke-based powers with more earned as the story progresses.

The game is currently a major flagship title on the PS4.