They say good things come in small packages; so forget the “thinner, faster, bigger” tags that Apple has consistently been using in their marketing pitches over the years. In the Spring conference being held yesterday, the announcement that the iPhone and iPad Pro are going in the opposite direction was expected.

In the past decade, iPhones have steadily grown in size, from the original 3.5″ display to the 5.5 inch screen of the iPhone 6Plus. This time, according to the buzz, Apple is about to launch the iPhone SE, a smartphone with a 4-inch screen, the same size as that of the iPhone 5S. With very few outward design changes, the new iPhone will have internal tech at par with iPhone 6S – a bettter camera and an A9 chip. A market research showing consumer demand for smaller phones has propelled the move.

There’s also a smaller iPad in the pipeline. With a look similar to the iPad Air, the latest device, with a 9.7″ screen, will boast a speedier processor, an improved camera with a rear-facing LCD flash, and an ability to connect with Apple’s snap-on smart keyboard. There’s good news for stylus fans too, because the latest iPad will work with the Apple Pencil.