Only those who truly understand music, realize the value of quality headphones. That was exactly Sennheiser’s mantra, when the company decided to launch its $54,000 ticket this year, the HE 1060/HEV 1060 (amplifier/headphones).

So what on God’s green earth justifies the eye-watering price tag? The answer, time. These sexy-looking ear pieces took nearly a decade for the company to get right. The HE 1060/HEV 1060 uses an amplifier concept which ties together the advantages of the tube and transistor. The entire set rests on a lush marble base with an on/off control emerging from the marble housing. The vacuum tubes enclosed in quartz glass bulbs rise in tandem and begin to shine before you delicately lift the headphones from the stand and place them on your head. The joie de vivre experience begins even before you turn on the music.

With meticulously selected components, the HE 1060/HEV 1060 promises an exceptional acoustic performance. To be more specific, gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes and platinum-vaporized diaphragms are used in the design, to make sure the BEATS by Dre look like a thing of the past.