Bang & Olufsen, the leader in luxury consumer audio products recently unveiled the all-new BeoPlay H3 and H6 headphones. The latest line in wearable technology from the Danish company was designed by renowned industrial designer Jakob Wagner.

Crafted with an anodized high-grade aluminum and sleekly designed leather, the new product range is available in four stylish colors.

BeoPlay’s H3 are a pair of comfortable in-ear headphones for people on-the-move. The H3 carries 10.8mm drivers, a mini bass port and a 20Hz to 16 kHz range in a unibody shape – specifically designed to handle one’s daily routine.

The slightly more stationary H6 over-ear headphones sport 40mm drivers and a wider 20Hz to 22 kHz range. Both models feature IOS-oriented in-line microphones and remotes, though only the H6 has Monster-sourced daisy chaining support allowing you to share music with others.

Both sets of headphones are enhanced with a powerful bass that’s neither emphasized nor recessed, providing a perfectly-light sound, as compared to other models. Priced at $250 for the H3 and $400 for the H6, the BeoPlay range is a little pricier than the likes of Bowers & Wilkins P3 and P5 headphones or the Beats by Dre.

While making BeoPlay’s H3 and H6 line, Bang & Olufsen reportedly worked with professional sound technicians and studio musicians to offer listeners an immaculate audio experience in an ultra-lightweight package.

It’ll also be interesting to see that how these refined headphones compare to Sennheiser’s HD600 and HD800 series. Fortunately, with both models expected to release this month we won’t have to wait long to find out!