Mortal Kombat X released in stores this week and is clearly one of the best fighting games to get on your current-gen console. The game is a throwback to the 90s original games and is bigger, better and even bloodier. With all the good comes the bad. It’s not the game but it’s an absurd DLC that has been offered on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store.

According to The Verge, you can purchase a certain number of ‘easy fatalities’ to make those tough combos more simplified as you ‘finish him’ or ‘finish her’. This is a clear indication of DLC abuse. For a few dollars, you get to make your fatalities easier and once you have used up the number, you need to buy more. Ridiculous does not even define this DLC.

A much easier way to get these ‘easy fatalities’ is to simply kick it old school. By that, we mean play the game! As you progress through the game, you earn unlockable tokens that can be exchanged for easy fatalities. That would be much better and use of time than purchasing the fatalities themselves. For one dollar you can get five and for $5 you can get 30.

It is a lousy cash-in for lazy gamers who can’t learn combinations. Back in the 90s, gamers would master these fatalities and impress their friends. Now the fun has been taken away. Gamesradar rates the title at 3.5/5 praising the visuals, fatalities and gameplay. However, they think that it doesn’t offer enough to keep gamers to come back for more. If that holds true, then these DLC fatalities aren’t even worth investing in.