With a promise to make everyday moments more fun and unexpected, Instagram has launched a new stand-alone app named ‘Boomerang’. Uploaded to iOS and Android stores on Thursday, the app allows you to create one-second videos in the form of gifs. These gifs constantly play forwards and backwards in a loop and can be shot in portrait or landscape.

The app consists of only a single button which takes 10 photos, stitches them together, increases the video’s pace and finally, loops it. Just like Instagram, the video needs to be shot using Boomerang but it can be shared on various social media sites including Facebook. Boomerang, however, is not the sole standalone app by Instagram. The company launched ‘Layout’ for making photo collages earlier this year, ‘Hyperlapse’ for recording timelapse videos using stabilization technology and in last July, a competitor to Snapchat named ‘Bolt’.

eMarketer forecasts that Instagram’s global ad revenue with the addition of Boomerang, will reach a staggering $600 million. Critically speaking, Boomerang bears quite the resemblance to Vine and Snapchat.