Apart from the attractive diamond-cut visage that enables them to act as a great decorative piece, Harman Kardon’s GLA-55 speakers have catapulted the US-based brand to the same league as industry top-dawgs Bose and Bang & Olufsen. Each speaker comprises of a concave metal 52mm mid-bass driver and metal-domed tweeter, perfectly adjusted into a transparent crystal case. Built into the case are the systems amplifiers hidden away in the base plate.

In order to initiate and enjoy its melodious charm, a 3.5mm stereo jack plug is connected to an iPod or computer and plugged into the right speaker enhancing audible satisfaction. Electrical power also comes into this master speaker from a laptop-style power supply. Under the main drivers is a reflex port that helps improve acoustic efficiency and lower frequency response while LED’s are hidden in the base of each speaker.

There are no signs of obvious cable wiring as this is handled by thin metallic rods connecting each driver. The GLA-55 uses digital signal processing (DSP) whereby an audio signal input is converted to 24-bit responsible for equalization and dynamic limiting, gently contouring bass and treble levels to suit the speaker system’s limited size.

Four separate channels of 26-watt MOSFET class D amplifiers are included, two for each speaker and dedicated to each treble and mid-bass drive unit, with active crossovers to split the signal at the DSP stage. The GLA-55’s striking aesthetic presence, clean and confident sound, sizeable bass and excellent manufacturing outweighs its hefty price tag. With a sticker price of $999.99, this crystal creation is worth every penny!