The Grand Theft Auto series produced by (now) Rockstar Games has been enveloped in controversy since the first game came out back in 1997. But in spite of this the franchise has gone from strength to strength. Their latest edition Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) smashed sales records upon its release late last year, and is among the best-selling videogames of all-time. But in an interesting new twist, media reports now reveal Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit with the New York Supreme Court, alleging Rockstar Games used her likeness without her consent.

The ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Scary Movie 5’ star claims the ‘Lacey Jonas’ character is based on her image. The lawsuit also accuses Rockstar Games of using her voice, image and outfits from her clothing label without Lohan’s expressed consent.

The Jonas personality is one of the ‘random characters’ who asks for protection from the paparazzi from one of three playable characters in the game – Michael, Trevor or Franklin. In the area known as ‘Downtown Vinewood’ (GTA’s equivalent of Hollywood) she asks for a ride home to escape the paparazzi and requests your character not kill them as it would apparently ‘make her look bad’.

GTA 5 is based on a satire of American pop culture in the fictional city of Los Santos – a virtual rendition of modern-day Los Angeles and is a ‘realistic’ take on the sandbox free-roaming third-person action genre. Therefore, it is not unlikely some of the characters are inspired by real life film stars and pop icons.

One of the previous titles in the franchise GTA Vice City, was based on 1980s Miami and made several references to the iconic TV show ‘Miami Vice’ with cops resembling characters played by lead man Don Johnson.

Citing privacy laws, LiLo is claiming unspecified damages from creator Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive.