Chances are, your phone or smartphone is already loaded with favorites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, Shazam etc… But there’s a wealth of exciting new software to be found if you dig a little deeper. We here at The Karachiite have compiled a list of 4 must-have apps to increase productivity in your daily life and your workplace.


Slack is basically a communication platform that is built to replace email traffic for intra-office communication. On the surface, Slack is all about chat, and it does really well mainting a twitter-style feed layout consisting of numerous channel options for both business and non-business related topic. It is created to cut down email clutter in a work place while increasing productivity. File sharing is available.



Microsoft’s new and improved outlook interface for the IPhone has deep-integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox and iCloud and once you get used to the new and simple layout you might just want to ditch your phones original Email platform.the new layout is clean, easy-to-use for all your email accounts with rich in-app storage integration and the quick-response feature makes this the best Email App for iphones.



Sunrise is a calendar app that syncs with all the major players like Google Calendar and it’s interface is incredibly easy to navigate. It connects with your iCloud, Google and Exchange. The intuitive interface makes Sunrise the best calendar app to exists so far.



This is one of the apps that anyone in the professional or educational sector would want to have in their arsenal. For writers, students, or people who rely heavily on notes in their work or daily lives. Evernote is a powerful productivity tool for with intelligent features and a very user-friendly layout.


I for one would be lost without these apps, the fast-paced functionality and the user-friendly interface makes these 4 apps a MUST-HAVE for students and people in their professional careers. Try these out and give us your feedback.