Boys, no need to call Mom anymore every time you need advice on cooking. Innovative technology has a pleasant surprise in store for you. Now you can just get instructions via your iPhone and stir up a feast to compete with any meal concocted by the likes of Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay (and Zubeida Apa)!

The secret of your culinary success lies in the newest gadget in the market, the ‘Pantelligent’, a cutting-edge ‘smart’ frying pan that manages your meal perfectly from start to finish.

With a solid die-cast body and a non-stick surface that makes cleaning up easy, the Pantelligent frying pan syncs with an app to guide you through each step of cooking.

All you have to do is hold your iPhone close to the pan’s handle to connect, click on ‘Start Cooking’, and it will tell you when to add ingredients, flip over or add finishing touches, and when the meal is done.

You can use the recipes that are downloaded in the Pantelligent app, or input your favourite meals; they all come with a time and temperature guide to take you through the entire process.

The steak-perfecting secret in the pan is temperature control — better conduction spreads heat evenly over the cooking surface, making a difference when the food comes in contact with it, as there are no high-heat spots.

Priced at around Rs. 20,000, you can buy it now online, or from stores in a couple of months’ time.